Nemzeti Vágta a Hősök terén, Budapest 2015. Szeptember 18-20.

News List

  • It was Csemő’s rider who won the jubilee National Gallop

    The 10th National Gallop was held with full house at Heroes’ square both days. The horse racing which was based on the Hungarian traditions activated hundreds of settlements this year too. Based on the results of 16 Hungarian and 4 cross-border’s first qualifying competitions, it came up who could represent their settlements in the largest modern Carpathian Basin rider’s ceremony.

  • Have fun! – Verbunkos at the birthday of National Gallop

    Celebrate this wonderful anniversary in the spirit of music, dance and fun! Excellent wines, delicious food and great company – Hungarians have fun this way!

    Therefore, it was never in doubt that the National Gallop would commemorate and celebrate the Hussar’s, with a real birthday „verbunkos”.   From the Műcsarnok to the 56s’ square, the country kitchen will attract guests with delicious smells, whilst music will await visitors for dancing all day long. On Saturday night everybody is welcome to the country’s largest open-air dancing house, for a hilarious party, regardless of their age or ability.

  • We can make a world record at the National Gallop

    Standing on the back of forty horses, the best devil riders will gallop

    Standing on the back of more than fourty dribbling horses, the best of the Győr Ördöglovas School will gallop at the same time at Heroes’ Square on the 16th September at the fiery show in the evening. For a world-famous experimental single production, Győr has been preparing for a dizzying performance for a year to present it on the tenth National Gallop. The youngests of the amateur team are only 9 years old.