Nemzeti Vágta a Hősök terén, Budapest 2015. Szeptember 18-20.

More fun stuff

Did we mention that the National Gallop isn't just about horse racing?

The opening ceremonies begin with the riders taking a cer- emonial oath to compete fairly and valiantly, followed by a hussar show. You won’t believe your eyes – the evening stunt shows, with the likes of Lajos Kassai, are dead cert to take your breath away when you see these horseback stuntmen perform unbelievable moves. At the Celebrity Charity Race, Hungarian stars from the worlds of theater, music and television will race on horseback as well, with the winners’purse going to the charity of the star’s choice.Kids can be a hussar for a day at the hussar camp, and try their hand at archery and of course, ride and pet real horses! Oh, it’s not only for kids, of course, but anyone with a bit of hussar spirit inside. On Saturday and Sunday afternoon, watch the his- torical gala show with the seven tribal chieftains.
Still not enough of horses? Then party at the equestrian parade:
• Mounted archery show by Lajos Kassai’s group
• Horse riding stunts show
• Natural horsemanship show
• Traditional Hungarian wrangler show and the „Puszta” five-in hand (three horses in front, two at the back, the rider standing on the backs of the two
• Battle scene from the 1848 War of Independence, presented by tradition-pre- serving Hussars