Nemzeti Vágta a Hősök terén, Budapest 2015. Szeptember 18-20.

Once upon a time...

The National Gallop of 2014 features Sergeant László Skultéty, the oldest serving hussar, a legendary figure in the history of Hungarian light cavalry.

This year’s National Gallop, which is the 7th in a row, will also focus on children, so the magic number 7 will take us to the adventures of Hungarian folk tales. Once upon a time, there was a ... well, a hussar! This hero, having trav- elled behind the beyond on his golden-haired steed, even roams as far as the “Operencias Sea”, a mystical place in Hungarian tales. These folk tales derived from the stories of the hussars who had done their military service in far provinces. The Operencias Sea is none other than the area over River Enns (Ober Enns), which was even beyond the territory of the Vienna Supreme Command, so any hussar travelling so far could feel he was at the edge of the world. The gold- en-haired steed is the Akhal-Teke horse breed, which has recently been bred in Hungary again, thus we have just embarked upon the reality these tales are based on.

The figure of László Skultéty represents the simple, old story-teller hussar who is also a real historical person and is very interesting for the audience of the National Gallop as well as the general public. In addition, he symbolizes the light cavalry soldier, who served eighty years as a simple hussar in the Imperial and Royal Army, dying as the oldest flag-bearer hussar in service.