Nemzeti Vágta a Hősök terén, Budapest 2015. Szeptember 18-20.

Dear Readers

Every nation has an undeniable demand for culture and morality, which it strongly believes in – and so has the Hungarian.

Belief has the power to guide you the way, especially with the awareness of feeling solidarity. The National Gallop incorporates all of these three values – belief, power and solidarity. And that’s why it is not only a horse race, but much more: it is a traditional, emblematic event depicting history. The Hungarian people have always loved horses and understood their nature. We seem to be connected with them indivisibly throughout the history of the country. Because of that, we would like to organize an event, which dignifies our traditions, and helps Hungary to gain even more respect and apprecia- tion for its talented sportspersons. Hence, the aim of the National Galopp is to preserve traditions, popularize equestrian sports and to bring together people – longtime fans and newcomers alike. 

Vilmos Lázár (Head of National Gallop)

So we set ourselves to organize the event on a high level and to preserve traditional values. We are honoured to present the greatest Hungarian open air equestrian festival in 2014. We give thanks to all our colleagues who helped and supported us in developing and organizing the National Gallop. We believe and we hope that through this event we can gain many more fans for these amazing kinds of sports. Hand in hand we will try to do our best!

Vilmos Lázár (Head of National Gallop)