Nemzeti Vágta a Hősök terén, Budapest 2015. Szeptember 18-20.

The world-famous Lázár brothers,

the technical designers of the National Gallop

Five times individual and six times team world champion, holder of sixteen world championship medals, President of the Hungarian Equestrian Sport Association, President and co-owner and of the National Gallop. How can you cope with so many tasks successfully? “With teamwork. I believe I have a knack for choosing the right colleagues and associates. Carriage driving is teamwork, too – all the way from selecting and training the horses to the organisation of the competition and eventually, racing.” However, he is alone sitting on the box seat in the thick of the competition, with all the decisions to be made alone. He has been the world’s highest- performing carriage driver for years. His fellow competitors consider him as a cool headed, bal- anced driver with nerves of steel. He is capable of a world-class performance in all the three phases. At the world championships, he has already won the driven dressage, marathon and obstacle cone driving phases several times. He has no „weaker” event. Vilmos’ driving style is characterized by a masterfully simple handling of the reins as well as dominance over the chance circumstances. The world’s most successful horse in carriage driving is his Lipica mare, Mythos.

Five times two-in-hand and two times four- in-hand World Champion, holder of fourteen World Championship and three European Championship medals. László Kádár and Imre Abonyi were two artists of the Hungarian car- riage driving sport, each with a different style. The styles of these two geniuses were combined by Zoltán Lázár, who never refrains from tak- ing sensible risks, a daredevil in the positive sense. Zoltán is a six times World Champion. He is capable of a world-class performance in all the three phases of combined carriage driving. Out of the three, he feels best when driving the marathon. His driving style is characterized by an overwhelming dynamism. In obstacle cone driving, he is one of the best - if not the best – drivers of the world. He did not hit any balls in this struggle of nerves in four consecutive World Championships. Just imagine, there were 160 cones on the course, with just as many balls on top of each. They all remained in place. Are there downs in their careers? Of course there are, for both Zoli and Vili. At such times, they get over the hard hours and days with the help of the cheerfulness and kind, encouraging words from the family and friends, the natural wonders of the magnificent Domonyvölgy, the dawn of a new working day and, most of all, the clattering of horseshoes.